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Gather guests on a sofa created exclusively for your room. The look of this sofa is a pure classic, with sleek lines, thin-track arms, and tapered base. It's a beautiful look to style with a nearly endless assortment of customization options. Choose from four finishes for the legs, from the traditional look of the Astor Brown and Normandy Grey, to the modern look of the brass or stainless steel. Then choose from many leather styles and options to create your distinctive look. The quality of this piece, with an interlocking laminated hardwood frame and loose poly-filled cushions, ensures that this chair will keeps its shape for years to come. We invite you into our stores for even more customization options. Dimensions: W85" D37" H34.5".
Why can't glamour be an everyday affair? With our Serafina Collection, it can. These pieces are purely modern--thin track arms, tapered legs, minimalist shapes--and they offer a casual elegance that's a perfect fit for any room. Be ready to customize with your favorite fabric, color, and finish.

Serafina Leather Sofa

  • Leather

    • Dust frequently with a soft, dry white cotton cloth; this cuts down on wear and abrasion. 
    • Wipe leather with a soft, white cloth slightly dampened with water (distilled if you have hard water) to clean.   
    • Avoid polishes, oils, ammonia, cleaning fluids, solvents or detergents as these can damage your leather. 
    • Minimize fading: use window treatments to minimize the effects of sunlight that can lead to your leather discoloring. Heating and air outlets can also fade leathers.   
    • See our leather blog for more on leather care and maintenance. 

    Cushion Care 

    • Rotate and fluff cushions and pillows on this piece every 3 months - this ensures cushions wear evenly and last as long as possible.  Read more here. 
    • If you have kids or pets who love this piece too – rotate and fluff more frequently for longest cushion life. 
    • Back pillow inserts are stitched horizontally into separate sections to minimize sagging, making it easier to maintain the look with regular fluffing.  
    • Cushions have an expected “break-in” period, like shoes, and it usually takes 30 - 60 days (depending on use) for your cushions to reach their final firmness. 
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