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Moderately scaled domestic upholstery collection that features a choice arm styles and features a semi-attached box back, top stitched seat cushions and tapered legs available in a choice of finishes. Optional nail head trim and finishes are available in store only.

Carolina Leather Panel Arm Sofa

  • Leather

    • Dust frequently with a soft, dry white cotton cloth; this cuts down on wear and abrasion. 
    • Wipe leather with a soft, white cloth slightly dampened with water (distilled if you have hard water) to clean.   
    • Avoid polishes, oils, ammonia, cleaning fluids, solvents or detergents as these can damage your leather. 
    • Minimize fading: use window treatments to minimize the effects of sunlight that can lead to your leather discoloring. Heating and air outlets can also fade leathers.   
    • See our leather blog for more on leather care and maintenance. 

    Cushion Care 

    • Rotate and fluff cushions and pillows on this piece every 3 months - this ensures cushions wear evenly and last as long as possible.  Read more here. 
    • If you have kids or pets who love this piece too – rotate and fluff more frequently for longest cushion life. 
    • Back pillow inserts are stitched horizontally into separate sections to minimize sagging, making it easier to maintain the look with regular fluffing.  
    • Cushions have an expected “break-in” period, like shoes, and it usually takes 30 - 60 days (depending on use) for your cushions to reach their final firmness. 
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